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EasyPaws - Pet Nail Trimmer

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Stress-free grooming under 5 minutes

EasyPaws is a handy tool to trim your pet's nail in under 5 minutes and get just the right shape without over-cutting, nor hurting your fellow's sensitive paws. 


  Reduce anxiety 

Ultra-silent technology built into motor keeps noise levels at 50 decibels to reduce pet anxiety. EasyPaws gently removes thin layers of the nail with minimal vibration so that sensitive pets won't be scared.

  Prevents over-cutting

The safe grinding head slowly trims away the layers of your dog's nails to provide just the correct shape and size. It effectively prevents over-cutting, nasty pains and bleeding.

  Use it wherever you want

EasyPaws is USB rechargeable with up to 3 hours of continuous use. You can easily bring it with you while on vacation.  

How to use it

Step 1: Start the EasyPaws and let your pet get used to the low humming sound.

Step 2: Once their curiosity has subsided, gently begin trimming your pet's nail with the trimmer in one hand and their paw in the other.

Step 3: Clean your EasyPaws with a soft wet towel and gently brush away any nail dust. 

Charging time: 2 hours
Autonomy in use: 3 hours



Why everyone loves it ?

Quiet & stress-free grooming

Safe and risk-free

Portable & lightweight

Suitable for all pets

Easy to use and clean


What's included