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SmartGuard - Retractable Pet Door

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Their Space, Your choice.

The SmartGuard Door is the easiest and most convenient way to keep dogs from freely wandering around in the house. With minimal space taken, it blends perfectly with home decor and can easily be moved from one place to another when needed. From doorways to stairwells, it fits any place, even between walls and stairways.



Effortlessly fits everywhere

  Perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairways, inside and outside.

  Built with tough partially see-through woven mesh fabric made to withstand abuse from pets

  Easy to install, no tools needed

  Lightweight and portable to meet all your on-the-go need.

✓  Space efficient : easily retracts to fully or partially quick pass-through. 

✓  Available in 2 sizes, perfect for both small and larger corners.


How to use it

  1. Unfold the net.
  2. Stretch the two metal posts for maximum length.
  3. Put the two poles in the tunnels on both sides.
  4. Fix the sticky hooks where you want to install the SmartGuard.
  5. Hang the net on the four hooks.


44(width) / 29(height) inches (about 100 / 75cm)
71(width) / 29(height) inches (about 180 / 75cm)

Package includes:
1 x Black Separation net
2 x Telescopic rods
4 x Hooks


Frequently asked questions


1. Will it holds against a large dog jumping on it, or running into it?

—> Yes, the SmartGuard Door is made of a tough mesh fabric and can block the passage of big dogs.

2. In order to walk through the gate how many hooks do you have to unhook, one at the top and one at the bottom? or just the one hook at the top?

—> "We have ours hooked on one side both top and bottom. The other side just the top, so we unhook the top and swing open to walk in. Since it is wider than the door opening there is no temptation to even try to go in. I have also used Command hooks to save my walls and they hold it fine."
Shirley P.