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Spartan Trainer™

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The ultimate workout set

Ideal for muscle building, weight loss and fitness
, the Spartan Trainer™ is extremely effective for both beginners and advanced. Get a fit body from the safety of your home and work out every muscle group from legs, buttocks and arms to back, chest and shoulders.

The world is your gym

Build muscles and sculpt your body 
anywhere, anytime. This versatile set fits easily in the included carrying case, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. 


Power up your training

The SpartanTrainer is designed to fully adapt to your objectives and allows you to focus on every muscle groups with the exact weight needed to achieve your best performance. With a weight ranges from 4.5KG to 45KG, it's suitable for every athlete, age and gender. 

Easily assemble the weight you need



How to use it?

Choose a muscle group you want to train,

2. Adjust the weight to your need,

3. Attach the set to a fixed structure or door with the door anchor,

4. Enjoy your training and achieve results quickly and easily!


What's included?

  • Guide of exercises
  • 2 Soft foam rubber handles
  • 2 Ankle holder
  • 1 Instructions for use
  • 1 Door Anchors (To fix it easily)
  • 4.5 KG * Belt - Yellow
  • 6.8 KG * Tire - Red
  • 9.1 KG * Belt - Green
  • 11.3 KG * Strap - Blue
  • 3.6 KG * Strap - Black
  • Carrier bag

Please note: Due to the high demand regarding the virus and the closed gyms, we are almost out of stock. Order quickly before it is sold out!